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SPSD・NCKU 2030 for SDGs

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NCKU Signature Program for Sustainable Development (SPSD)

Following National Cheng Kung University’s spirit, we have set up NCKU Signature Program for Sustainable Development (SPSD) to utilize three key elements of the NCKU spirit, “Answer,” “Ask” and “Apply,” we combing through the strategic direction of the sustainable development framework as follows.

成功大學致力打造 SPSD ,奠定於成大校訓「窮理致知」的基礎上,延伸出實踐步驟「探索問題」(Answer)、「深入問題」(Ask)、「應用問題」(Apply),開始執行相關規劃,奠定長期發展基礎。

NCKU Signature Program for Sustainable Development


Answer 回應

An examination based on the current state of practice of the researches among Colleges toward the current Sustainable Development Goals.


Ask 探問

Based on whether there is a breadth of diversity or a depth for a single research aspect to achieve the SDGs, references are provided to the direction of future research, education, industry and academia applications to review the standards of development process.

以是否具備多元面向的廣度,或探討單一面向研究深度達成的 SDGs 為基準,提供各學院參考未來研究、教學、產學應用的定位方向,與作為參考發展的進程標準。

Apply 應用

The opportunities of the positive correlation (Synergy) and the negative correlation (Trade-off) from the extension of each research outcome of individual college are taken as the criteria, supported with the contributions from the Volunteer National Review (VNR).