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NCKU 2030・NCKU 2030 for SDGs

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NCKU Consolidates SDGs Strategy to Realize 2030 Vision, with Sustainable Development Strategic Principles (SDSP)

成功大學整合 SDGs 策略,推展 NCKU 2030 教研策略,提出永續發展策略準則(SDSP)

NCKU's Sustainable Development Strategic Principles(SDSP)

成功大學 SDGs 五大策略準則

Improving the Welfare of the People
以人 (People) 為本促進福址

Apart from incubating the future talents, NCKU also sets its eyes on the values necessary for the sustainable development in the days to come: in accordance to the social environment’s changes, health resources on campus are extended beyond the wall to solve the elderly’s issues and the environmental diseases. 


Designing an Inclusive, Sustainable Planet
共融設計永續環境 (Planet)

Situated at the heart of Tainan City, NCKU embraces the city with an open campus, becoming one of a kind among the universities in Taiwan. Blending into the daily life of the local community is a symbol of NCKU in sharing resources and of its inclusive interaction with the local environmental development. 

NCKU 坐落於臺南府城市中心,成功大學校區以開放性校園迎接擁抱城市,成為台灣眾大學中獨有的特色,融入於在地日常生活中,象徵著成功大學資源共享以及對於在地環境建設的共融互動性。

Innovating to Expedite Growth to Prosperity
創新突破加速成長 (Prosperity)

Through its R&D resources, NCKU has been pushing the frontiers of technological development for Taiwan, cultivating innovative leaders across fields and incubating pioneering enterprises and leaders, in Taiwan and the world alike. Besides establishing its leadership basis in the global academia, NCKU incorporates “humanistic literacy” to promote the inclusion of equity and innovation in society, so that each and every one can find their own positions and take actions in the ideal future life.


Respecting Diversity for the Promotion of Peace
尊重多元促進和平 (Peace)

The NCKU demonstrates peacefully its efficiency in handling risks in real-time and inclusiveness amidst the times of changes globally across disciplines with the cross-disciplinary cooperation at home and cross-region collaboration abroad, the exchange expansion in the Southeast East Asian region and accident management in recent years. 


Interdisciplinary Development in Partnership
跨域整合繁榮發展 (Partnership)

Upholding the vision of the sustainable development talent pool in Asia, NCKU pro-actively expands international alliances as well as engages bilateral/multilateral conferences and transnational cooperation agreements, all of which are in line with the Goal 17 of the SDGs, Global Partnerships. Such methodological goal emphasizes that only through partnerships across sectors can we expedite the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda. 

成功大學以亞洲永續發展人才庫為願景,積極拓展國際聯盟、雙邊多邊會議、跨國合作協議等,均為符合聯合國宣布之第 17 項 SDG 全球合作夥伴,此一方法性目標強調各界需透過合作關係,才能加速 2030 議程的落實。