Signature Program of Sustainable Development (SPSD)

Through Signature Program of Sustainable Development (SPSD), NCKU forge the consensus on campus through mapping, to optimize the application strategies of the on-campus resources of NCKU and to elevate its impacts to the level of solving global challenges, with SD mindset for its strategy.

成功大學永續發展計畫(Signature Program of Sustainable Development, SPSD ),透過建立校內共識、盤點成功大學機會與優勢、延伸校內資源應用、至提升全球影響力,均圍繞永續發展思維,達到成大 2030 教研願景。

NCKU 2030

“With NCKU 2030, We Aims for Creating Infinite Possibilities for Sustainable Development Solutions, to be inclusive for diverse context required to solve needs locally and to live up to the value of leaving no one behind.

– President of NCKU, Huey-Jen Jenny Su

「透過成功大學 2030 願景,我們能夠以永續發展思維落實永續發展解決方案,並包容與解決不同在地化需求,實踐『不遺漏任何一人』的價值。」 – 成功大學蘇慧貞校長